Popular Cycling Routes

Popular Cycling Routes

Here are many popular, temple-laden, cycling routes in Kyoto.

Higashiyama Area

Gion Route

Kiyomizu Temple – Chionin Temple Route

Philosopher’s Walk Route

Kyoto Central

Manga Museum to Nijo Castle

Kyoto South

Kyoto Station to Toji Temple Route

Kyoto Station to Katsura Imperial Villa Route

Arashiyama Area

Arashiyama to Adashino Nenbutsu Temple Route

Arashiyama to Daikakuji Temple Route

Arashiyama to Kokedera (Moss) Temple Route

Arashiyama to Tenryuji Temple Route

Kyoto North

Kitayama to Shugakuin Villa Route

Kitayama to Kamigamo Shrine Route

Nishijin Route

Kyoto West

Kinkakuji Temple to Myoshinji Temple Route

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine to Hirano Shrine Route

Kyoto Cycling Routes

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